Artist: Ricardo Bacelar

Release: 2018

This album, recorded and mixed in Miami, United States, in the legendary Hit Factory (Criteria) and Rebel 11 studio, has its production signed by Cesar Lemos (with award-winning records by BMI and ASCAP, in the USA), The concept of the work gravitates around a Latin American rereading of a portion of the Brazilian music repertoire.

"Sebastiana" was recorded by Brazilian, North American, Cuban, Argentinean, Venezuelan, Colombian and Peruvian musicians, generating a laboratory of arrangements that imprint a fusion of Latin American music elements with Brazilian music. It has contemporary arrangements and a strong jazz accent, with a subtle percussion that confirms the South American influence.

The outcome is unusual and presents an important contribution to the Brazilian music scene in the international context.

The title "Sebastiana" pays tribute to the Brazilian composer Jackson do Pandeiro, 35 years after his departure, with the insertion of his voice´s excerpt in two tracks. The cover and graphic illustration elements bring a reproduction of the work "Carnaval", an oil painting by the Brazilian modernist Emiliano di Cavalcanti.

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